Terry Clark – Praise In Song

Terry Clark’s voice is known to many who aren’t aware of his own albums because he was part of Maranatha! Music’s projects from 1980 to 2000. (15 of the original masters are now TC&M!M-20 years of worship.)

Terry’s music is designed to direct the listener to an intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father, and his life has been a process of developing that communication. His spiritual roots run deep in the Gospel message and music, but Terry went through a period of time sampling life outside the church. Finally burned out, he pushed away, humiliated to be a human being. In that condition he heard a familiar voice. It was his close, childhood friend, Jesus, whose love transformed Terry. He was restored as his dependencies shifted to the One who had answered the question: Is there a reason for this life? A life of intimacy with his “Big Brother” began. His songs are simply windows through which one can see and participate in that private relationship.